Zingiber Officinale
Ginger originated in Southeast Asia, being one of the first plants to be exported from the far East. Ginger is a perennial plant which annually produces stems which bear leaves along with pink and white flower buds that blossom into yellow flowers. Once the stems have decayed, they are scalded and the rhizome is harvested, which is commonly referred to as ginger root. This is the part of the plant that is commonly utilized. The younger rhizomes are juicier and have a milder taste than the mature rhizomes.
Ginger rhizomes are brownish colored and somewhat resemble a knotted tree root.  The root is typically peeled and sliced into thin slices which are either consumed fresh or dried. Dried ginger is typically candied as a culinary treat, or powdered and made into tea. A popular accompaniment to sushi and many other Asian dishes, ginger does have nutritional value, providing a moderate amount of vitamin B6 as well as being a good source of magnesium.
The medicinal properties of ginger are well-known and far reaching. Ginger ale is one of the most common remedies to treating nausea and an upset stomach amongst all ages. This is because ginger acts as a powerful anti-emetic, making it a useful and effective natural remedy for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness or patients who are recovering from chemotherapy.  Candied ginger and ginger tea are also effective methods of extracting ginger’s anti-emetic qualities.
Ginger also helps to increase body temperature. For this reason, the tea can be consumed during the winter months to keep chills at bay. The warming effect of ginger assists with increasing metabolic function, and can be helpful to individuals who are trying to lose weight. Ginger also assists with preventing the cold, flu or other infectious diseases.  
Ginger is closely associated with the fire element, and thus, it adds power and intensity to magical practices. It can be used to help speed up, and may be used to help provide a jumpstart to stagnant situations. A common ingredient in love spells and charms, ginger helps to increase passion and can help to rekindle the spark in a relationship that has gone stale. Ginger root can be carried in the wallet or purse to help draw money and increase overall prosperity.
Warnings: Consuming ginger in large quantities can cause heartburn and/or acid indigestion in some individuals. While culinary amounts are safe, ginger should not be taken in therapeutic doses in conjunction with Aspirin or other anti-coagulants.